Vetting, Protocolling & Scheduling (Booking)

Create and manage patient appointments and schedules.

Create and manage appointments

Manage the full booking workflow cycle from creation through to review.

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Create appointments

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Vet appointments

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Schedule appointments

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Check-in patients

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Request reviews and cancel appointments

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Generate modality worklists

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Integrated with reporting

Scanner integrations

myOrb Booking integrates with scanners so you can easily upload modality worklists.

Real-time automated modality worklists

This enables real-time upload of modality worklists into any scanner, eliminating the need for repeat rekeying of patient information.

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No more missing patients

myOrb integrates with all fragmented preceding and succeeding systems to create one seamless online environment. This prevents loss of patients which currently occurs when data moves between fragmented systems.

Business intelligence

myOrb Booking is integrated with business intelligence analytics for proactive workforce planning.

Booking metrics to track workflow performance

With myOrb Business Intelligence, organisations can track performance through every stage of the patients workflow as they transition between statuses. 

Organisations have access to key data points such as the average time it takes for a new booking to be vetted, and breakdowns of booking schedules.

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