Unified Radiology Workflow

myOrb is a unified public cloud RIS-PACS-VR-VNA-IEP-EPR that enables diagnostic reporting, networking and collaboration, from any location, across all healthcare settings.

As a fully-managed off-premises service, myOrb interoperates with your on-premise technology, taking pressure away from local ICT.

myOrb integrates workflows, reduces costs, and manages demand and workforce planning.

Legacy on-premises infrastructure 

On-premises solutions are fragmented across 5 core systems, and 11 ancillary systems compromising efficiency, quality and workforce planning. Networked reporting, collaboration, and image resolution are also limited.

Limitations of on-premises infrastructure

Offsite access requires scarce and expensive VPN

Radiologists work in local groups limiting specialist opinion

Networking across regions or nationally is difficult and expensive

Limited clinical information is available for diagnosis

Limited interoperability

ICT resource intensive and expensive

Difficult to connect to public cloud, AI and advanced rendering

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 The benefits of one public cloud platform

FINAL myOrb end2end

Consolidating the entire episode of care into one platform enables a complete update of technological possibility.

Patients are scanned locally and reported anywhere with faster turnaround times, reduced anxiety and uncertainty.

Networked reporting and collaboration between specialists and sub-specialists, levelling resources between trusts, regions, or nationally, to reduce diagnosis risk.

Home working unlocks overtime and part time capacity to increase productivity or reduce insource and outsourcing costs.

Business intelligence provides real-time advanced analytics to proactively predict demand for optimal workforce scheduling. 

All images are presented together with the primary and secondary care records for enhanced diagnosis opportunity.

A comprehensive end-to-end platform

myOrb drives efficiency by eliminating fragmentation and consolidating all radiology processes into one platform.

GPIT Futures digital diagnostic referrals

Digital diagnostic referrals direct from GPs.

Fully collaborative environment between GP and imaging facility.

All requests/alerts/patient info in one place.

Patient portal eliminates need for CD-ROM.

Manage requests/track status/inform patient.

Standalone or interoperates with any system. HL7v2, HL7v3, HL7 FHIR and PATH.

Includes SNOMED translation to NICIP and PBCL or any other code list.

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Electronic request system

Create imaging requests for investigations for patients from any healthcare setting.

Attach scanned forms, prior imaging, or any other file with your online requests.

Securely and reliably collaborate between any care settings.

Manage requests, track statuses and inform patients.

Interoperates bi-directionally with any system and mirrors all status updates.

Vetting & Protocolling

Vet with benefit of EPR, test results and priors.

Automated vetting where appropriate.

Intelligent alerts for specialist vetting.

Appropriate alerting for vetting completion.

Intelligent analytics.

Full audit trail of vetting and protocolling.

Dynamic workflow adaptable to local policies and procedures.

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Built-in appointment scheduler for scanned bookings.

Create, view and amend appointments with built-in management interface.

Sign patients in through the online check-in system.

Requesting protocol analysis for time requirement estimation.

Patient screening with EPR, tests and priors available.


Reporting on all modalities.

Apply and save search filters, and create personalised study views.

View all clinical and report information.

Analyse, annotate, manipulate and diagnose studies with the built-in DICOM viewer.

Report on images and add addendum.

Dictate reports with our mobile dictation app.

Group 21


Dictate report information from your Android or Apple mobile device.

Powerfully-driven artificial intelligence.

Eliminate the need for typing clinical information.

Intuitive natural speech recognition.

High transcription accuracy levels.

Consultation & MDT

Alerts for unexpected findings.

View patient records, reports, medical images, scanned documents, and any other file type together.

Invite, share, and collaborate upon studies and reports in a secure MDT environment.

Includes chat, email, video/audio/text notes with full audit trail.

Includes patient portals allowing everyone to participate in the care episode.

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Referrer and patient portals

Referrer portal with all information and scans.

Avoids IEP, parallel emails and phone calls.

Patient portal to eliminate CD-ROMs.

Collaborative environment for all updates and communications.

Let patients take the pressure off through participation.

Business intelligence

With myOrb Business Intelligence, organisations can utilise real-time data for demand management and proactive workforce planning to improve resource allocation.

Real-time data with advanced analytics engine.

Complete transparency of all metrics with personalised dashboards.

Create any kind of report from any data, instantaneously.

Key radiology metrics, including: vetting and protocoling, image acquisition and intervention, reporting and productivity. 

Derived radiology metrics, including: demand, activity and backlogs, waiting and turnaround times, and machine/room capacity.

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The entire care pathway in one Orb

myOrb consolidates a patient’s ‘Episode of Care’ through its unique innovation of clinical collaborative ‘Orbs’ – a GDPR compliant structure enabling interoperable and efficient workflow, data-sharing and collaboration across all care settings, clinical teams and patients.

Secure roles & permissions

Roles-based user interface tailored to the specific user workflows with secure permissions and appropriate alerting.

Multidisciplinary collaboration

Programmatic and spontaneous collaboration on any device, anywhere, with all patient information available.

Interoperable transformation engine

Bi-directional data transformation, interoperably-mapped to and from HL7-FHIR and DICOM.

All data from any source

Full EPR, images, and any other file, from any source, in one, unified workflow with full audit trail on any device.

All radiology processes in Orbs

Each Orb unites the workflow functionality of frontline clinical workflow applications with all information, communication and group types to facilitate care pathways from referral to MDTM and patient discharge. 

Through Orbs, myOrb unifies the entire radiology process from GP referral through scanning, reporting, alerts for unexpected findings, consultation, MDTM and discharge, making all information available to all participants in the care journey including patient and referral portals.

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A fully-managed service

– Fully managed public cloud service.

Takes pressure away from local ICT.

Proactive, support and help desk.

Secure GDPR compliant data storage of health records.

Resilient, secure and scalable.

Continuously improved and updated.

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Compliance guardian controls access

myOrb transfers patient data into a secure interoperable hospital cloud. The compliance guardian controls access through sophisticated organisational, workflow, user-based permission on organisations and roles with detailed audit trails of all access and activity. 

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Interoperability & databases

myOrb interoperates bi-directionally with any system and maps all data to Public Cloud HL7 FHIR and PACS DICOM databases enabling dynamic workflows and consolidated patient records.

All data is stored and processed in a dedicated cloud cluster for each trust and available for interoperability with any cloud, legacy or AI solutions. 

Interoperability databases

Data and security

myOrb has adopted the best cyber security standards of industry, ensuring our software, networks and systems are fully up-to-date.



Encrypting all of your data, both in transit and at rest, myOrb is built on a secure and scalable infrastructure using 256-bit encryption to keep your data safe and secure.


Utilising web application firewalls to defend against common web exploits, myOrb can defend itself from multiple attack vectors to make sure you and your data don’t get hacked.



myOrb adheres to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 requirements, as well as Cyber Essentials Plus. Data processing is carried out in data centres that are ISO-compliant.


myOrb processes patient data under the compliance of General Data Protection Regulation. The legal basis for processing is held under Article 6(1)(e).

myOrb is live in the NHS and private sector

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