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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the myOrb solution include?

The full myOrb solution stack consists of:

– myOrb reporting

– myOrb mobile dictation app

– myOrb referrals

– myOrb vetting & scheduling

– myOrb consultation, MDT & patient portal

Can I purchase myOrb products separately?


If you wish to purchase a myOrb product separately, please email

How much does the myOrb solution cost?

To discuss pricing for myOrb, please email

Can myOrb integrate with any organisation?


myOrb is a public cloud based solution and can be integrated into any primary, secondary or tertiary care setting, from GP practices to private hospitals and NHS Trust hospitals.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my current myOrb integration?

If you have questions regarding your myOrb integration, please email

How long does it take to integrate myOrb with my organisation?

The timeframe for implementation will vary depending upon your organisation size and your specific requirements.

To discuss integrating with myOrb, including timeframes for implementation, please email

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