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Bidirectional Interoperable

myOrb digitises any care pathways across and between primary, secondary, and tertiary care settings.

By mirroring all local systems and processes in the public cloud, it provides a pathway to public cloud adoption through mix mode operation.

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End-To-End Public Cloud Healthcare Features

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How myOrb Implements An End-To-End Public Cloud Platform:

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Expandable To Any Care Pathway


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Public Cloud Benefits

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“By bringing together clinical expertise through a networking model, we can reduce unwarranted variation, provide better quality care, better value services for patients….We can also deliver financial efficiencies.”

– NHSE Transforming Imaging Services, Nov 2019

We Bidirectionally Transformed All Databases,

Clinical Terminology and HL7

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The Current Problem with Echo GP Requests and Triage in Hospitals

A typical example is the Echocardiography GP requesting and triage process currently operating at Kingston Hospital. 1
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How We Use Design Thinking

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How It All Comes Together

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Secure, compliant, and easy to procure

myOrb is built for GDPR and adheres to the ‘Future of NHS strategy’. myOrb is available through QE Procurement, G-Cloud and GPIT Futures procurement frameworks.

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myOrb is live in the NHS and private sector

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