myOrb Public Cloud Medical Platform

Bidirectional Interoperable Healthcare

myOrb’s end-to-end platform overlays the entire care pathway, enabling digitalisation of paper-based processes between and within care settings, where public-cloud solutions are not available, or the legacy technology is unable to interoperate and is reaching the end of its life.

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End-To-End Public Cloud Healthcare Features

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Patient Spaces

All data from the patient’s interactions, together with communications are stored securely and compliantly to GDPR and clinical safety standards under the patient’s NHS number into a ‘Space’.

Spaces can store and display any kind of data to HL7, SNOMED CT, DICOM and other standards. A zero-footprint viewer is included so any kind of imaging or test can be viewed. Patient access can be facilitated through NHS login and data tagged as ‘Patient Informed’ to ensure it is safe to be presented to the patient.

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myOrb’s Platform Is Architected For All Patients On Any Care Pathway

The combination of Orbs and compliance architecture enables any care pathway across any care setting to be accommodated and fully digitised.

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Health Information Exchange

The Health Information Exchange to NHS Spine retrieves and updates patient records using their NHS Number. This enables a single source of truth for all care participants, shareable through Web API plug-in for third-party Clinical Decision Support, AI and other assistive innovations.

(HIE) and a Modular Parallel End-To-End- Platform, which can span across care settings with mix-mode operation alongside incumbent systems that are currently in place. This enables myOrb to exchange and efficiently share vital patient data across healthcare providers, ensuring streamlined and coordinated care.

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Interoperability Engine

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The Interoperability Engine connects and bi-directionally maps and transforms data to and from any care setting with all types of infrastructure including Local, Private and Hybrid Cloud into a Public Cloud Health Information Exchange.

All systems have to be able to seamlessly communicate with each other and myOrb bridges the gap between incumbent technology and new Public Cloud AI, through an Interoperability Engine and Health Information Exchange. This engine acts as a central hub, translating and harmonizing data for a more comprehensive and integrated healthcare experience.

Fully Managed Service

myOrb is delivered as a comprehensive and a fully managed service, which is light touch for IM&T, which maps and reconciles data to reduce rekeying, adds missing steps and adapts the user interfaces in the end-to-end platform, with clinicians and frontline users to emulate all the existing forms.

Implementation is light touch and requires a server in the DMZ of the Acute Trust network, which can be provided by the Trust, or installed by myOrb with one visit to the site and typically only a few hours for IP Addresses and Firewalls to be set up. A HSCN connection is required and can provided by the Trust or myOrb can facilitate it separately. Data transformations are then mapped via the IE into the HIE and connected to NHS Spine, a process which typically takes around 4 to 6 weeks.

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Design Thinking

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Using An Iterative Process

myOrb uses an iterative Design Thinking process which ingests existing forms, safety protocols, national guide and desired assistive technologies. This increased the improvement through workshops held with clinicians and their support teams.

Working prototypes are then optimised to deliver an efficient and intuative system for all end users. This approach can be extended to any speciality and care pathway seamlessly integrate the functionality of assistive technologies such as clinical decision support or AI intuitively into the workflow.

Design Thinking Workshops

The user interfaces are iterated in Design Thinking workshops with the Clinicians and their support teams. In Radiology alone there are 100’s of different forms and systems that must be adaptable to accommodate them all, ensuring the information is presented for efficient vetting.

This process incorporates national standards, but also allows for local variation, so harmonisation to national standards can then be achieved by adapting to a changing environment.

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Local, Regional and National Information Compliance

myOrb’s permissioning structure is built for GDPR, allowing any care setting to compliantly and securely enable patient data for better patient outcomes.

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myOrb High Level Summary

myOrb enables the capture and standardisation of all the data from every interaction the patient has with care services and can interoperate with on-premises and data-centre hosted legacy systems.

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Architecture for the Entire NHS

The NHS strategy to move all healthcare to Public Cloud Healthcare is established but a plan to realise the strategy at the frontline of Primary and Secondary care has yet to emerge. KHFT and myOrb have pioneered the practical steps needed to deliver the strategy ahead of time.

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Expandable To Any Care Pathway

Can be utilised for any specialty

Including all diagnostic tests and other specialties, such as mental health. The system is fully capable of configuring to the needs as they are evolved.

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Public Cloud Benefits

Patient information

Patients are scanned at any facility but access to scans and patient information is from anywhere.

Business Intelligence

Works with legacy systems and also the business intelligence to improve demand management.


Enables collaboration and sharing with any specialists and sub-specialists, reducing diagnosis risk.


Secure and fully managed off-site with updated ICT infrastructure with negligible CAPEX.


The system allows for retired specialists and returning to work specialists to work part-time, allowing for overtime.


Future of the NHS Strategy, GDPR and NHSE Transforming Imaging Services Strategy compliant.


Increases workflow productivity, by creating an efficient alternative to
insourcing and also
outsourcing costs.

Artificial Intelligence

Effectively incorporating RCR’s ‘Integrating Artificial Intelligence with the current workflow’.

Secure, Compliant And Easy To Procure

myOrb is built for GDPR and adheres to the ‘Future of NHS strategy’. myOrb is available through QE Procurement, G-Cloud and GPIT Futures procurement frameworks.

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myOrb Is Live In The NHS And Private Sector

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