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Public Cloud Radiology Platform

myOrb consolidates all five of the on-premises radiology systems into the public cloud.

Patients can be scanned at any facility and scans with patient information are reported from anywhere.

myOrb enables seamless home working, collaboration and sharing with specialists and subspecialties.

Public cloud and browser based, myOrb interoperates with all legacy on-premises and private cloud systems.

myOrb also includes business intelligence, providing analytics, informatics, demand and workforce planning.

 Clinically transformative

myOrb unifies all five legacy on-premises systems into one browser based, public cloud, fully managed secure solution which also absorbs all preceding and succeeding workflows.

 Adding full EPR, business intelligence, forward planning, smartphone apps and alerting, myOrb is clinically transformative by joining up all radiology booking, vetting, scheduling, reporting, MDT, informatics and planning processes together, at lower cost.

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Interoperates with existing systems

myOrb interoperates with existing systems to allow seamless home working, unlocking overtime and part time capacity and also provides real-time business intelligence with advanced analytics for demand management and workforce planning.

Implementation takes a few weeks and cost savings ensure payback typically within one year.

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Reporting, networking and collaboration locally and nationally

myOrb secure public cloud enables appropriately alerted booking, scheduling, vetting, reporting, MDT, networking and collaboration between all specialists and sub-specialists locally or nationally with full patient records to help reduce diagnosis risk, as well as business intelligence data analytics.

3 Reporting networking and collaboration locally and nationally

“By bringing together clinical expertise through a networking model, we can reduce unwarranted variation, provide better quality care, better value services for patients….We can also deliver financial efficiencies.”

– NHSE Transforming Imaging Services, Nov 2019

Solves the inefficiencies resulting from the lack of image sharing

myOrb eliminates the barriers to efficient sharing and interoperability which currently requires expensive hardware and connections and separates images from limited clinical information.

On-premise infrastructure sharing

4 Solves the inefficiencies resulting from the lack of image sharing 1

“The lack of image sharing across hospitals is leading to reporting backlogs and delays and harm to patients”

– Dr Caroline Rubin RCR VP for Clinical Radiology (Royal College of Radiologists, Nov 2019)

Public cloud radiology platform benefits

Patients are scanned at any facility but access to scans and patient information is from anywhere.

Enables collaboration and sharing with any specialists and subspecialists, reducing diagnosis risk.

Allows retired/returning to work radiologists to work part time and enables overtime directly for the Trust.

Increases workflow productivity and creates an alternative to insourcing and outsourcing costs.

Works with legacy systems + business intelligence to improve demand management, workforce planning & task allocation.


Secure and fully managed off site permanently updated ICT infrastructure with negligible CAPEX.

Future of NHS Strategy, GDPR & NHSE Transforming Imaging Services Strategy compliant.

Incorporates RCR’s ‘Integrating Artificial Intelligence with the radiology workflow’ and business intelligence strategies.

COVID-19 pandemic challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of remote working and demand management for radiologists.

With myOrb full networked reporting, collaboration, and business intelligence, demand management and workforce planning between any NHS or private hospital is achieved.

myOrb can be implemented within a month at private or NHS hospitals.

5 COVID 19 pandemic challenge

Other specialities and multidisciplinary team meetings

myOrb workflows can be extended to most specialities making all patient information available to all healthcare professionals.

This consolidates and virtualises MDT and shares infrastructure which reduces costs.

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Business Intelligence

myOrb also includes business intelligence, providing hospitals with advanced analytics and insights for demand management, proactive workforce planning and to solve common departmental issues.

Optimise resource allocation and address core departmental issues & clinical hazards

With myOrb Business Intelligence, healthcare organisations can use the real-time data captured and unified in myOrb to improve demand management and make proactive decisions, optimising resource allocation.

myOrb Business Intelligence provides real-time data reports: holistic department-team overviews, appointment booking metrics, pathway visualisations, breach reports, further action required’s (FARs), radiologist performance reports, work in-progress reports + bespoke metrics & tailored dashboards.

By combining this improved data availability with analytics and workflow management systems, myOrb can help address root departmental bottlenecks and clinical hazards:

  • Identify mismatches and patients lost between fragmented systems.
  • Manage demand pinch points that exist within departments.
  • Reduce reliance on external services such as teleradiology.
  • Use data to delegate work resources to the most important tasks.
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Secure, compliant, and easy to procure

myOrb is built for GDPR and adheres to the ‘Future of NHS strategy’.

myOrb is available through QE Procurement, G-Cloud and GPIT Futures procurement frameworks.

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myOrb is live in the NHS and private sector

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Sponsoring and speaking at the Intelligent Health AI Summit 2022

myOrb recently sponsored this year’s Intelligent Health AI Summit on the 6th and 7th April at the ExCeL, where our CEO, Tirath Bansal was invited to speak.

Educating the public on hyperconnected healthcare

Over the course of two days, we met with clinical CEO’s, directors, radiologists and industry innovation leaders to demonstrate myOrb’s end-to-end public cloud platform, interoperability engine, and health information exchange. We also educated listeners on clinical transformation, and how myOrb is transforming the digital healthcare landscape.

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Speaking on clinical transformation and AI

On the second day, our CEO, Tirath Bansal, spoke on the main stage alongside leaders such NHS’s Chief Clinical Information Officer for Health and Care, Simon Eckles and Nobel Laureate Daniel Khaneman. Here, we discussed how myOrb is working to connect all GPs and NHS Trusts across South West London, and discussed the future of clinical transformation and AI application in the NHS.

To get a copy of the presentation, please contact us.

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